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The most common issue for shippers transitioning their freight from truckload to intermodal is loading the container to be legally compliant with gross weight and the distribution of weight across the vehicle. Many shippers entering into an intermodal strategy for the first time are either not properly coached through what needs to be done to account for the intermodal weight difference or they do not take it as seriously as they need to.

Not running within the legal weight specifications will cause a great deal of frustration for the shipper, as costs and delays are incurred through reworking the intermodal container to be legally transported. Learn how to avoid the hassle and extra costs of intermodal with our eBook "Understanding Intermodal Weight & Damage Prevention". 

Table of Contents
  • Intermodal Weight - Most Common Issue for New Users
  • How to Ship Intermodal without Damage
  • Blocking and Bracing Solution
  • Take Damage Prevention Seriously 
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