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What is Managed Transportation? The most general description of a managed transportation service is the process in which a shipper engages an LSP to handle the day-to-day freight functions, in addition to driving big data analysis for the most competitive bids and long-term logistics decisions. 

Our eBook "Managed Transportation: The Basics" is a run down of what you need to know when it comes to managed transportation. The eBook covers a range of topics from what managed transportation is all the way to the best managed transportation companies and how to implement managed transportation.

Table of Contents:
  • What is Managed Transportation
  • Comparison Between Freight Broker & Managed Transportation Services
  • Why Shippers Select Managed Transportation Services
  • How Much Does Managed Transportation Services Cost? A Comprehensive Pricing Guide
  • The Best Managed Transportation Companies (And How to Choose) 
  • Implementation
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