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Excellence in logistics is achieved by choosing the right mode for the situation to deliver freight at the lowest cost with the best service. The transportation industry is changing and there are challenges ahead that will test each company’s logistics strategy. Intermodal can be a key strategic ingredient to move an organization toward a multi modal strategy for scalability, flexibility, mitigation of risk and business continuity.

Intermodal has made great strides over the years as logistics managers are pushed for cost improvements, efficiencies in the supply chain and higher reliability of deliveries. Download our eBook "Introduction to Intermodal" and learn how choosing intermodal can benefit you! 

Table of Contents
  • Overview
  • Factors Contributing to Intermodal Success
  • 10 Intermodal Elements
  • What Makes for a Great Intermodal Lane
  • Intermodal Container Dimensions
  • Types of Intermodal Providers
  • Intermodal Misconceptions
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