Step by Step Plan

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Here is a proven step-by-step intermodal transportation analysis and implementation plan to help shippers successfully integrate intermodal into their network. The process is fairly straightforward, although there are critical issues to address for a successful road-to-rail conversion that new intermodal shippers need to take into account. 

In this eBook learn how to take covert truck to rail with an easy to follow guide!  Some of the reasons are cost savings, scalable capacity solution for tightening truckload market, reliable and predictable service, and reduction of carbon footprint. 

Table of Contents
  • Begin the Education Process
  • Define Success & Obtain Management Buy-In
  • Research and Evaluate Potential providers
  • Intermodal Providers Perform Freight Analysis
  • Obtain Pricing and Transits
  • Implement an Intermodal Solution
  • Evaluate Outcome Against a Success Goal
  • Continue to Evaluate
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